“Media coverage of election campaigns”. 10-13 March 2011, Sofia

Media Development Center, Sofia and South East Europe Media Programme of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Sofia jointly organized the seminar “Media coverage of election campaigns”.
The seminar was carried out at Dedeman Princess Hotel, Sofia, on 10-13 March 2011.
A number of parliamentary and presidential elections in South East Europe will be held in 2011 and 2012. The periods of election campaign present a challenge not only to the parties and candidates but also to the media professionals who have the responsibility to inform citizens keeping high professional standards and principles. The goal of the seminar was by gathering journalists from the Balkan region to expand their knowledge and to develop their skills to discuss the experiences of Bulgaria and other countries in SEE in election campaigns.
The seminar was attended by 20 journalists from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia. The participants represented 6 national print media and 13 national broadcast media from the mentioned countries.
The following topics were discussed:
• – Legal framework. Understanding political and electoral systems in South East Europe
• – Between information and manipulation in election campaign: At the juncture of journalism and PR
• – Opinion polls and election projections – making of and coverage of voters’ surveys
• – New communication technologies and voters’ mobilization
• – E-voting: Opportunities and risks in introducing digital voting in the region

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