Workshops and trainings

Journalistic project enables career development

Journalists and journalism students will be able to increase their professional capacity on topics related to poverty, migration and minorities The project “Reporting Effectively on Development, Minorities & Migration” aims to raise EU public awareness of the interconnections between the EU and developing countries on issues concerning poverty, migration and minority exclusion. In addition, the […]

Unique Legal Training Program For Journalists, Civil Society Advocates and Media Lawyers in Central and Southeastern Europe

The Center for Media, Data, and Society at the School of Public Policy of Central European University, is announcing an open call for candidates for its certificate-based legal training program for journalists, civil society advocates and media lawyers in Central and Southeastern Europe. European Journalism in the Digital Age (EJDA) is a unique ‘hybrid’-style online […]


Can you tell a story about poverty in an original and authentic way? Is your story investigative and inclusive? Do уou combine critical thinking with the techniques of the “good old journalism school” to examine facts and research by means of new technologies? If yes, you might be interested in this contest named “Covering poverty” […]