NATO and Regional Security workshop. 26-29 May 2011

Media Development Center, Sofia in partnership with the South East Europe Media Program of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Sofia organized the second for this year workshop for journalists from South East Europe. The topic was “NATO and Regional security”. The workshop was planned to coincide with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session in Varna in the period 26-29 May 2011.

This activity dedicated to the NATO-related issues is the second one jointly organized by KAS and MDC but in this particular format this was the first one.

The goal of the workshop was not only to bring together journalists from different countries from the Balkan region on certain topic, in order to exchange impressions, to gain experience, to develop knowledge but to give opportunity to the participants to attend NATO PA Spring Session and then to make reports, articles, broadcasts etc. as a practical result of the workshop.

The workshop was attended by 14 journalists from 6 Balkan countries – Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia.