National training for PSBs professionals in the frame of MEM project. 28-29 January 2011, Sofia

The National training for PSBs professionals was organized by Media Development Center in the frame of the project MEM – Multicultural Europe in the Media. The training was aimed at journalists working for the national radio and television in Sofia and in their regional stations.

The trainers were Miglena Kazaryan, journalists, Bulgarian National Television, Sofia; and Stanislava Pircheva, journalist, Bulgarian National Radio, Horizont Programme, Sofia. The trainers had participated in the Train the trainers’ sessions held in May 2010 in Sofia in the frame of MEM project and they are among the 11th qualified trainers for media and immigrant/minority organizations.

The training was carried out in Sofia, on 28-29 January 2011.

The training program was based on the Diversity Toolkit and was aimed to help PSBs to integrate it in their internal programs when covering ethical issues and sensitivity questions. In the same time the training tried to raise awareness of the effects of unconscious mindsets and a lack of information about all sections of the community.

The topics jointly identified by MDC team and the trainer were as follows:

• The challenge called “diversity” and the mission of PSBs for intercultural and ethnic diversity in Bulgaria
• Policy of diversity reporting in the modern society. Balance: negative and positive aspects
• Tools and techniques for “managing” diversity
• Civil society organizations as partners of PSBs in the process of research, monitoring and reporting diversity