2011-2012: Empowerment of Bulgarian media and journalists from marginalized communities to fight corruption and promote democracy and human rights

The project goal is to enhance the professional capacity of journalists from marginalized communities in Bulgaria (Roma in particular), to increase public awareness within these groups about existing corruption and public funds embezzlement practices and thus to enforce civic participation in exposing and fighting those negative phenomena as well as to secure higher level of […]

National training for PSBs professionals in the frame of MEM project. 28-29 January 2011, Sofia

The National training for PSBs professionals was organized by Media Development Center in the frame of the project MEM – Multicultural Europe in the Media. The training was aimed at journalists working for the national radio and television in Sofia and in their regional stations. The trainers were Miglena Kazaryan, journalists, Bulgarian National Television, Sofia; […]


А project of the Open Society Media Program and the Open Society Information Program This project will assess the global opportunities and risks that are being created for media around the world by the following developments: • the switchover from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting • the emergence and growth of new media platforms, especially on […]