The first European Anonymous Tipping Web Site is Available from Today

Today we release the European Anonymous Tipping web site!

This is an European initiative “WIDELY EXPANDING ANONYMOUS TIPPING TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT, OPERATION, AND TRUSTWORTHINESS TO COMBAT CORRUPTION IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE (EAT)” developed by civil society organisations from the top 10 countries with the highest level of corruption in Europe, according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, and funded by the European Commission.

EAT provides instances with a guaranteed technological anonymous and secure mechanism provided by GlobaLeaks, an open source software that allows the creation of secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing platforms.

EAT will allow private and public sector organisations to implement GlobaLeaks and choose between 3 separate secure and anonymous submission models; MODEL A in which the submitted disclosures will be sent to an officer of the beneficiary organisation; MODEL B which involves the responsible EAT partner who will be notified of the submission and MODEL C with an external and parallel channel associated with a media organisation.

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