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EIMP Vacancy Part Time Campaign Assistants to Country Coordinators

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Started in 2010, the European Initiative for Media Pluralism (EIMP) today brings together nearly two hundred organisations, media groups, independent journalists and professional bodies from throughout Europe, which together have launched a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) demanding the implementation of an EU Directive on media pluralism to protect pluralism and press freedom impartially and effectively in all the Member States of the European Union.

European initiative for media pluralism

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The European Initiative for Media Pluralism was presented on 21 September 2012at the Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House” in Sofia. You can watch the video here: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Since April 2012, thanks to the unprecedented democratic mechanism European Citizens’ Initiative, under certain conditions, EU citizens can participate directly in the development of EU policies by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal in a given area. Commission should develop appropriate regulations to submit to the European Parliament and, if they are accepted, to be valid for each member state of the Union.

2011-2012: Empowerment of Bulgarian media and journalists from marginalized communities to fight corruption and promote democracy and human rights

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The project goal is to enhance the professional capacity of journalists from marginalized communities in Bulgaria (Roma in particular), to increase public awareness within these groups about existing corruption and public funds embezzlement practices and thus to enforce civic participation in exposing and fighting those negative phenomena as well as to secure higher level of transparency and better governance.

The project activities envisage training on Investigative Journalism aimed at active Roma journalists, English language consultation, 5 regional round tables, production of 5 journalistic investigations and promotion of the results, national round table.

MDC project is supported by the USA Program State Alumni.